Brothers Suffer Severe Sunburns, Baby Locked Inside Daycare

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VINITA, Okla. — An Oklahoma daycare is under investigation after a mother says she picked up her sons from daycare and found both boys had second and third-degree sunburns.

It happened after a day at a water park where Shaunna Oxford says daycare employees never applied sunscreen on the boys.

Two hospital visits later, the boys were flown to the burn unit at Shriners Hospital in Galveston. Records show caseworkers have logged 19 incidents of non-compliance at the “Happiness is a Learning Center” in the past 10 months.


But if you thought that was upsetting, one mom in Houston had to bust through a window in order to get her 10-month-old son after he was locked inside.

“I bang on the window. I bang on the window a second time. I’m listening. I hear a baby crying. I bang on the window a third time. I’m like, okay. I call him, I’m like ‘he’s in there,'” mom Sharonda Ross explained.

The baby was found unharmed, but now the daycare owner is left to pick up the pieces.

“First, I’m deeply, terribly sorry,” daycare owner Joann Davis apologized. “It’s never happened to us. I’m not going to dismiss it.”

The employee who left the child alone will not be fired, but the whole situation goes to show that taking care of kids isn’t child play.