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Gimme Gimme! Go Fund Me Pages Getting Way Out of Hand

Remember that .99 cent potato chip on E-Bay we told you about last week? Well, turns out there’s even more stale cyber ideas floating around the web.

Yep! Just log onto… The crowd-funding site has lots of feel good projects you can throw money at!

But,  when the site’s co-founder Brad Damphousse launched his idea…  “to allow regular people to raise money online for just about anything” …Did he really mean anything?

Nic’s just two bucks short of owning a brand new I-phone. She had lost her old cell and wants to upgrade. (Ok, maybe we`re just mad we didn`t think of that first.)

Then there’s Azel , AKA  the crazy boyfriend. He raised enough to fly to Miami to spy on his girlfriend during spring break.

His headline says ‘Save My Relationship” … Uh, how about save up your own dough!

And in the newlyweds category, there`s a flock of lovebirds asking for cash to pay for their honeymoons, because they spent too much on the wedding. Ok … How about saying “I Do” to a J-O-B.

Hey, cyber-beggars!  Here`s an idea … Scroll down to the bottom of the Go Fund Me page, click the ‘we`re hiring’ button…and go fund yourself!