Hundreds march in Dallas for ‘Bloody Sunday’ anniversary

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DALLAS - Hundreds gathered Saturday afternoon, at the foot of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. They came with one purpose -- to march with purpose.

“We are commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Selma,” Kelly Wick with Next Generation Action Network said. “We’re going to march across the bridge – the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge – and we have several people coming out. We have several speakers: Susan Hawk is one of our speakers, speaking for voting rights, and everything that’s going on in Dallas.”

The group sang songs and chanted as they crossed the Trinity River - each ever mindful of the power of their words, and the promise of their actions.

"Just to have so many of us, in one area, and our energy focused towards the same direction; folks focusing more on the positive – that’s what matters,” participant David Belin said.

"People need to be aware of change -- both the fact that change is not happening and the fact that change is needed.”