Peace Man: Dennis Rodman Invites Seth Rogen to North Korea

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PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA - It appears our unofficial ambassador to North Korea is at it again. Dennis Rodman is one of the few Americans who have actually visited North Korea with the cooperation of the current regime. Rodman has made headlines by hanging out with Dictator Kim Jong-Un. You know, bridging the wide divide between America and North Korea by shooting hoops.

Rodman now has a documentary set to premiere called, "Dennis Rodman's Big Bang in Pyongyang".

His trips have been controversial, but Rodman insists folks have the supreme leader pegged all wrong. Now he's trying to convince actor/director Seth Rogen to tag along with him on his next trip.

Yeah, we bet Kim Jong-un is just dying to sit down with the guy who wrote and directed The Interview. Turns out Rodman isn`t cool with a movie depicting the assassination of his BFF. He says he wants Rogen and company to see the real North Korea.

Meanwhile, Rodman claims he's received actual death threats because of his diplomatic efforts but the bad boy says bring it on. No word if Rogen plans to take Rodman up on his offer for a field trip but don’t hold your breath.

Either way, it looks like Rogen already has plenty of material for a sequel.