Golden Virgin: CW’s Jane the Virgin Star Wins Big at Golden Globes

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LOS ANGELES -- From the fashion highs to the fashion fails, the 2015 Golden Globes was must watch TV Sunday night.

Like all Hollywood award shows, there's a handful of winners and a roomful of losers.

There were Bill Cosby jokes --  and jokes that were actually funny.

But, it was a movie with Texas-ties that took home the gold. It took Houston-native Richard Linklater 12 years to film the box office hit Boyhood, and it was time well spent.

And then, there was the moment that had us all reaching for tissues.

Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez's delivered a speech that had folks in Twitter-land taking a break from Dez’s catch to re-tweet her tearful shout-out to the Latino community.

But there's another reason we're gushing over here. This sitcom's statue is CW’s first Golden Globe -- ever.

Yeah, this is really a big moment, guys.