Gone Gowns: Bridal Shop Used by Dallas Ebola Nurse Closing

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AKRON, OH – Any publicity is good publicity, right? Wrong. Especially when it involves the big “E.”

Just ask the owner of the Akron, Ohio bridal shop "Coming Attractions."

You may remember back in October, Presbyterian nurse Amber Vinson flew to Ohio to finalize plans for her wedding.

And once word spread that Vinson visited the shop just days before she was diagnosed with Ebola, this store was suddenly associated more with hazmat suits than wedded bliss.

Now the owner blames the Ebola scare for forcing her to shut down the shop for good.

"We're all losing our jobs, so it's sad ya know, not anything that any of us anticipated happening,” a store clerk said.

Not only is a store that’s been in business for 30 years closing it’s doors, Vinson and her bridesmaids decided to minimize public scrutiny and use another bridal store. And they asked for a refund.


"How could you not continue to do business with the bridal shop you bought your merchandise from?" asked Anna Younker, owner of "Coming Attractions."

Here in Dallas, Vinson’s old apartment is decontaminated, but the leasing agent says they are currently using it for storage.

And the apartment that Eric Duncan was visiting at The Ivy Apartments is still vacant.

Yeah, when it comes to Ebola, folks aren’t willing to say "for better or worse," which is why "Coming Attraction" is now a closing attraction.