Dallas Prosecutor Allegedly Yelled Racial Slurs During DWI Arrest

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DALLAS — Meet Justin Moore, Assistant District Attorney, on a date with “Monica,” whose friends and family picked this “hunky guy” as a perfect match on “The Steve Harvey Show.”

“He’s so much fun. It was a great date.”

Well, Monica might want to rethink this match because Moore isn’t looking like such a good catch right now.

Sunday morning, Moore was pulled over and arrested for DWI by DPD on Marvin D. Love Freeway near Loop 12.

It sounds like it wasn’t a friendly experience. He reportedly threatened the arrested officers’ jobs and referred to a black sergeant as an “Uncle Tom.”

“I think he’s young. He’s in a position of power. That badge, I think, can sometimes go to their head. You add alcohol to the mix and it can make you make a bad decision,” Attorney Pete Schulte said.

Although he’s not tied to this case, Schulte knows both sides, having served as Assistant D.A. and as an officer.

“There’s a code of conduct that needs to be followed and when you’re dealing with police officers, outside of the workplace, you’re held to a higher standard,” Schulte said.

Moore’s new boss, D.A. Susan Hawk reacted to the arrest by suspending Moore without pay. He’s an SMU graduate, has only been on the job for six months and was assigned to the misdemeanor court that handles exactly what he got arrested for.

He bonded out of jail just in time to celebrate his 25th birthday. Hey… uhh, Happy Birthday?