Ruff Life: Puppy Phoenix Rises From the Ashes

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Phoenix was delivered by emergency doggie C-Section. She's the last puppy born to last week’s Ruff Life mama dog, Ava.

Four of her brothers and sisters didn’t make it and things weren’t looking good for Phoenix either.

“She was the runt and she really had the odds stacked against her,” says Dallas Pets Alive! fundraising director Suleika Bloom

Barely bigger than a battery, Phoenix had a near-death experience.

“The foster mom was monitoring Ava and the puppies and noticed that one of the puppies wasn’t moving,” says Bloom. “She ended up having to give her mouth to snout resuscitation.”

“We really thought she had already passed away. We were just rubbing her and feeding her every two hours by bottle,” says Phoenix’s new owner Lisa Getto.

But thanks to Getto’s efforts, Phoenix made it through the night.

“She came back to life and became a thriving little puppy,” says Getto.

After all that drama, there was no way Getto was giving Phoenix up.

“All the sleepless nights and many night feedings, it was hard to let her go and I started to fall in love with her,” she says.

So now Phoenix has a “fur-ever” home in a house full of plenty of pets.

“She’s just a Mama’s girl I guess. I haven't had a bond like this with a dog before. Don't tell my other dogs,” says Getto with a laugh.

From a scary start, it looks like Phoenix has really risen from the ashes. You go, girl!