1, 2 Step: Dancing Classroom Students Prep for Semi-Finals

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GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas -- The countdown is on! Student dancers in North Texas go toe-to-toe in less than 24 hours.

Oh, did we mention they’re just in 5th grade??

“It is a competition where schools from all over the DFW area come and compete and perform for dancing classrooms,” Dancing Classrooms of North Texas Teaching Assistant Laura Coronado said.

Now, a whole new group of students from Garner Fine Arts Academy in Grand Prairie are headed from the classroom to the semi-final stage.

“For the last 10 weeks, they’ve done a fabulous job,” Coronado added.  “We’re hoping to expand it throughout the Grand Prairie School District. Almost all of our students have not had any ballroom dancing experience.”

Wow! You sure couldn’t tell some of these kids haven’t had dance experience.

When asked their favorite dance, a group of students replied, “Swing!”

“I like the merengue,” dancer Genaya Limbrick said.

“The boogie walk, it’s like when you kind of pivot your feet and your hand is moving,” dancer Darrin Harris said.

But these weren’t always the boogying boys and girls they are today.

“I was like -- no, I am not touching a boy,” Limbrick said.

“The only thing I was worried about was, who am I going to dance with,” Harris added.

“A little nervous,” dancer Taylor Windham said. "And then I started to like it.”

“It’s more fun than it looks,” mentioned dancer Andrew Norton.

These kids are taking away more than just a 1-2 step.

“They learn their manners, they learn how to appropriately touch,” Coronado said.

“I feel like we’ve matured more,” Harris said.

“The more it moves on, the more confident and comfortable we feel,” Norton added.

“You learn it and you say, oh, I can do this!” Harris smiled.

You sure can! Good luck guys!