Luck Or Love? What Will You Choose For 12-13-14?

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FORT WORTH, TX -- Math nerds beware! There`s a new set of numbers (other than Pi) that`s getting some attention today…

Yep! The rare but sequential 12-13-14 is not an official holiday--- but a day like this won`t happen again until` another 20 years or so.

So, if your hands are itching` for a lotto win, today might be it!

On the other hand, newlyweds Heather and Michael porter chose love, over luck, for this special date...

“We`ve been engaged for a year in a half and we`ve been together five in a half year`s so the clocks been ticking,” said the couple.

They decided to wed alongside 30 other love-struck couples.

The blissful bride and grooms gathered at the Historic Livestock Exchange Building  in Fort Worth to well  do just that --- exchange “I do`s” and wedding rings.

Hey, days like this don't come around often, so whether its love or luck you choose… go out and make it count!