Inspiring Twisters: Special Needs Cheerleading Squad in East Texas

TYLER, TX – We all probably have the same stereotype when it comes to cheerleaders. Well, a group in Tyler, Texas just might change that.

The name of this spirited team? The Inspiring Twisters. Here’s the twist: A dozen special needs girls from all over east Texas have joined forces to fulfill their dream of becoming a cheerleader. And let’s face it: It’s something that otherwise probably wouldn’t happen – until now.

What’s even more inspiring? Some of the loudest cheers aren’t coming from the girls, but from their supporters.

“She really can’t participate in the cheerleading programs, so there’s a lot of things she can’t participate in, but this is going to be amazing for her — and for us — because we can cheer her on,” says Rhonda Ventura, whose daughter just joined the squad.

Consider what many parents spend for the cheerleader experience. Raising a cheer queen can set parents back anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 a year, according to the US All-star Federation. But for these lucky girls, parents only pay $15 a month — after the community kicked in to raise money and cut costs.

The Inspiring Twisters hope to hit Big D sometime soon to perform with other teams. It’s not a competition, but it’s safe to say these girls wouldn’t have an issue winning over a crowd.