Monday Night Lights: High School Football Practices Kickoff

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DALLAS — The first day back for high school football players is kind of like Christmas around here.

“I had guys texting me all night last night excited, can’t sleep,” said Hilllcrest Head Coach Andy Todd. “I’m kinda the same way.”

Players hit the fields for the first practices of the season starting at 12:01 Monday morning.

Some new rules laid down by DISD prove that the “old days” of high school football are over.

Teams all over the district already have to adhere to some strict practice guidelines — no two-a-days for the first four days of practice, no outdoor activities between Noon and 6:00 PM and mandatory water breaks every half hour. A new rule starting this season: every team has to have a trainer on location to monitor the players.

“As far as physically, we pay attention to sweat rate, temperature, different things like that,” said Hillcrest Head Trainer Andrea Legg. “If they are typically a good player and they are quick at doing every drill and they`re not remembering how to do the drill that`s a big sign.”

For Coach Todd, the new regulations won’t change the way his squad has already been doing things.

“In Dallas we’ve kind’ve been ahead of the curve. We’ve been doing these things that haven’t been required for a while,” Coach Todd said. “It’s really nothing new for us. We’ve always gone above and beyond what’s required by rule.”

Well, it’s definitely more apparent now that in a state where football is number one, safety is number one, too.