Smoking Gun: Oak Cliff Triple Murder

OAK CLIFF-We’ve all heard the phrase ‘drug deal gone bad’ and that’s what is believed to have happened Saturday morning in Oak Cliff.

Just before 7 a.m., neighbors heard the shots on Wynell street near Lancaster drive.

Two women and a man, all in their 20’s, shot to death.

A fourth victim was shot as the suspect ran out of there. That victim was taken to Baylor Medical Center. No word yet on her condition.

There was enough stuff at the scene for police to figure drugs had something to do with this.

“There is evidence at the location that indicated that the house is a probable point of sale for narcotics,” said Jeff Cotner of the Dallas Police Department.

OAK CLIFF TRIPLE MURDER:  Arkansas College Student Arrested

“As the suspect was fleeing, he was encountered by two witnesses. We’re still working with those two witnesses, we have a vague description, we’re not even sure about the vehicle,” said Cotner.

Looks like another senseless crime where getting high came at a high cost.


    • Howie

      It doesn’t make you a bad person at all. Innocent people could have been killed, but thankfully none were. Anyone who feels bad for anyone who makes such poor life decisions is an idiot and a failed human being. You know the Liberal Mantra “If you are successful, someone else made that happen. If you are a failure, it is someone else’s fault.” If you want to be involved with drugs, guns and the dregs of society, prepare to succumb to violence.

    • marj413

      No, it doesn’t make you bad. They were a bunch of criminals who serve no purpose in life other than breaking laws, collecting welfare and most likely making babies.

    • Irving

      For those who just gush humanity out of every pore, consider this: these persons have the very same right to make life choices that anyone else has. They had every right to make REALLY STUPID CHOICES, like being involved with drugs, and have the right to take responsibility for the results of their choices, good or bad.

  • sugahunny

    This story is like so many others…just sad all the way around. I won’t make any judgements against any of the folks involved…drugs are powerful and make you forget just how dangerous they really are. I’m sure there is someone out there that will miss these young people…it’s telling that we aren’t more sad about the senseless loss of life.

    • marj413

      I will judge them three ways to Sunday. The country is better off without scum like this around. This was most likely not over something simple like a little recreational pot, so to hell with them.

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