Oncoming car forces cop to jump from bridge during traffic stop

MISSOURI CITY, TX- Sometimes in life, you just have to take that leap.

Well, crazy new video shows a Texas cop’s split second decision… to jump off a bridge! Talk about officer down.

A routine traffic stop turned into a scene out of Final Destination for officer Kenneth Lewis.

It looked like Lewis was about to become road kill when an elementary school P.E. teacher who had one too many ‘juice boxes’ swerved her car towards him while he was making a routine traffic stop.

The car was about to barrel right over him, so Lewis — with only three months on the job –¬† took the plunge toward cold, hard concrete.

Amazingly, he’s doing pretty good for a guy who fell 30 feet off a bridge and is expected to recover from some pretty serious injuries.

The driver, 46 year-old Christie Diane Biggers isn’t getting off easy. Sugar Land cops say she was intoxicated when she almost plowed into Officer Lewis. She was arrested¬† and is facing an intoxication assault charge.