Googlechondriac: Do I Qualify for Weight Loss Surgery?

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A new study finds that about a third of American adults Google their health issues–that’s roughly the same number of Americans who are overweight.

Coincidence? You make the call–but every year more Americans are inquiring about weight loss surgery.

“We’ve looked at trend just over the last 15 to 20 years and America is getting larger, larger and larger. Doctor Charlotte Hodges of Barker Bariatric Center at Forest Park Medical Center in Dallas said.

When it comes to weight loss surgery–patients have a lot of questions–including ‘Do I even qualify?’ Dr. Hodges said if you’re 50 to 60 pounds overweight you’re a good candidate–but weight isn’t the only measuring stick.

“If you have diabetes, if you have high blood pressure, significant gastroesophageal reflux disease, high cholesterol, Dr. Hodges said. “All are different types of medical problems that can be remedied by having weight loss surgery.”

Dr. Hodges added that two recent studies found people with lower BMI’S benefitted from weight loss surgery by seeing their diabetes go into remission.

Once you qualify for surgery there are questions like how much weight will I lose and which procedure is best for me?

Well, it depends.

“For instance,” Dr. Hodges said. “With the bypass, if you’re 100 pounds overweight generally you’re going to lose about 75 pounds, if you prefer to go with a sleeve gastrectomy you can lose about 65 pounds and with the duodenal switch you can lose 85 pounds for every 100 pounds that you’re overweight.”

Dr. Hodges added that none of the procedures are 100 percent. Sure, you’ll lose weight but

Keeping it off is largely up to the patient.

“Patients though can circumvent the operations,” Dr. Hodges warned. “If you drink your calories you’re going to gain weight so you might not be able to eat a great big meal but you can certainly drink a 44

Since you’re Googling anyway–you may as well Google Barker Bariatric Center where you’ll find a BMI calculator.

Weight loss surgery may be the ticket to a healthier you–and more.

“It’s not just that” Dr. Hodges added. ”When you go on an airplane you are comfortable in your seat, you can go to six flags with your kids, you can try on whatever you like in the dressing room. It’s the whole lifestyle. I’m happy for them.”